Who say’s its Insurance!

Legal Protect is a comprehensive Shield Plan against potential risks of Business World.

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With the word ‘Protect’ commonly is associated with Insurance, worldwide Insurance companies for decades with its financial muscle power, marketing and PR has built a strong sympathetic Image  in the eyes of viewers and customers, associating all grammar of word “protect” with Insurance, In a way, have copyrighted it!. 

As it goes with the meaning of word, protect means “keep safe from harm or injury”, the word protection actually has no locus standi without emphasises on ‘anticipation of damage’ that may or may not occur.

Why Legal Protect is not Insurance?

  1. Motive to Protect : Insurance companies are into Business of selling anticipated risks to Insurer & charging them premiums. Actually, they don’t do anything to save you from mis-happenings, apart from loosely covering you financially. For Instance, once bought an Medi-Claim Insurance, have you ever heard?. The insurance company taking care of its clients, by conducting medical tests periodically. Built hospitals with free treatments or least sending recommended medicines or diet chart. No, in fact they aren’t even bothered to send you outlook how many died of the diseases, which you may be heard of disease may be everyday. Instead, they conveniently increase premium moment they get to know you are diagnosed with even an acute allergy
  2. Legal Experience:  Insurance policy is document, where premium are calculated with complex mathematical equation, with the study of actuarial science. Almost 90% of Insurance holder would hardly know this fact!. May be half of them buy, because they are suggested by neighbours, family members, friends or either influenced by heart quenching advertisments. The question here is, when it comes to depositing your trust, who can protect you at the time of your legal hardships?.  The professionals who gives you “Professional Advisory” incapacity of Lawyer with his legal practice and experience or the Insurance company who would know nothing about the legal aspects
  3. Involvement in Businesses :  In legal protect we are commitment towards conducting research all the time on the Client’s Industries. To ensure, they are never blindsided by any unanticipated risks. Legal protect has team, and team has it all that is needed to protect from potential threats and risks. Insurance company has no business in your business, they just look for opportunities, how can they wash off hands of your claims legally.
  4. Paper Processors: Insurance companies are in a way, paper processors. Once sold an Insurance, don’t even like to see your faces till the time your Insurance policy expires or if you have claims. Speaking of claims, needless to say haven’t seen a single insurance company happy when it comes to processing it claims. Well, Legal protect is about constantly working for and with it clients every day in and day out to protect towards the potential risks.
  5. No unreadable minute fine prints and sympathetic solicitation :  We are speaking of professional services, when “professionalism” comes in play, there is no scope of writing anything in fine print. Further legal solutions can never be solicited, because the markets are open, clients may choose any lawyer for his association best fit to his pockets. Infact, at LP we try to make services simple for everyone by helping businesses of any scale and size be offered best services by spreading risks and constantly keeping close watch over risks.

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