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Get Finance*
to Fight your Legal Cases
Extended Access to Justice

Do you have Receivables or Money struck &
Want to Recover it legally ?
Litigation Finance can help you
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Litigation Finance

Litigation financing is a way to provide extended access to justice for the people who are deprived of justice because of the financial constrains to fight for their rights. Through Litigation Finance, we finance the cost of litigation helping the claimant with extended access to justice.

Justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.

Areas Covered

for Litigation


Property Disputes

From Residential to Commercial, any property related disputes which has receivables are eligible for Litigation Finance

Insurance Claims

Any legitimate rejected claims related Life to any General Insurance are eligible for Litigation Finance

Consumer Disputes

Unsatisfied with consumers goods, cheated by seller, non-co-operation by vendor are eligible for Litigation Finance

Bank Frauds

Lost money in card transactions or any bank fraud may be addressed and recovered through Litigation Financing

Bank Receivables

Any type of receivable struck during bank transaction of related to banking matters are eligible for Litigation Finance

Corporate Receivables

Businesses having creditors  and bad debts from their trade or out of trade disputes are eligible for Litigation Finance

Loans & Receivables

Money lends out of personal arrangements or as friendly loan, later turned defaulted as eligible for Litigation Finance

Who can apply for Litigation Finance ?


Any Individuals who has receivables and intends to recovery through Legal Route are eligible for our services. Receivables can be any kind of  compensation in form of property or monetary



Any Businesses who has receivables and intends to recovery through Legal Route are eligible for our services. Receivables can be Corporate Receivables or recovery of funds from vendors or clients


Institutions & Organisations

Any type of Institution, Societies or Organisations eyeing over receivables are eligible to apply for Litigation Finance. Any kind of receivables can be addressed for Litigation Finance

Equal justice under law is not merely a caption on the facade of the Court

Extended access to justice
How it works
When you are struck in Legal Case or you intend want to Launch Legal Fight to recover money from your opponent party. LawCrust helps you finance Lawyer fees till the time you recover money from Litigation & you pay back Legal Fee at the time when you receive money.

You apply for filling the application form along with necessary documents

Either you get a pre approval on the basis of the document submitted or it get rejected.

On the basis of the pre approval you pay processing fee and submit for final approval. Once after Final Approval Litigation will be handled by our appointed Lawyers.

In case of final approval for financing your litigation process starts else in case of rejection a 50% of a amount is refunded and the remaining 50% you can redeem our services through the mode of documentation, advisory and consulting.

Legal Perspectives

Litigation Finance - It's Legal !

Litigation finance has always found place and acceptance in India. The common law torts and crimes of maintenance and champerty were never in force as special laws in India. Consequently, a fair agreement to supply funds to carry on a suit in consideration for a share in the litigation proceeds has never been considered void, or against public policy in India. This was confirmed by jurisprudence spanning over centuries, from 1876 to 2021.

Questions that really matters to you

Most frequent Questions and Answers

Who can opt for Litigation Financing / Eligibility Criteria ?

Any Litigant party who has a prospect of receiving funds through litigation or shall be benefited at the end of the tenure of litigation commercially is eligible to apply for Litigation Financing.The Litigants Parties claim must be lawful within the purview of law and with the bonafide intentions

Is it a Loan ?

Litigation Financing is not a loan because loan is provide to the loan seekers with only intention to gain interest over the amount lend by the lender. Lawcrust is into legal consulting which doesn’t fall under the purview of lending business. Further in case of litigation financing the litigant party only repays the amount in case of success of the case

What is the tenure of this financing ?

There is no fixed tenure with respect to the financing as the litigation may take equivalent time on the basis of the strategies planned by the legal representatives, advocates or councils of the litigant party

Does it have any EMIs ? / What is the repayment structure ?

There are no EMIs. The repayment towards the financing will be made after the success of the case. Infact the company recovers its fees after the litigant party receives the fund from the case.

Once after the final approval as referred in point no 3, Lawcrust appoints 2 of  its partners to litigants parties case . The first parter is called a Service Partner. The Service Partner will be advocate by profession who shall be a direct point of contact for the litigant party and also shall lead the case. In addition to this service partner, LawCrust also appoints a Principal Partner who shall be a “Law firm” wherein the Principal Partner shall be synergising the strategy of the case and the litigation.
Lawcrust is a legal consulting company incorporated in late 2019 having more than 150 panelled advocates in the form of service partners and principal partners across India and in various domains of the legal industry. Our Principal Partners who are reputed law firms have experiences of minimum 10 years and above and our Service Partners has decent experiences in their field of not less than 5 years.
You can contact us via email [email protected] or either visit our website or you can get in touch with a Product Executive.
Yes. On the basis of final approval the litigant have to pay the processing fee.
No. However through Litigation Financing we give a litigant party an opportunity and an access to justice to fight the litigation which he would have skipped in absence of the chance we are giving through Litigation Financing.
In case the litigant party decide to change the advocate or want to quit the case in between the litigant party shall have to bear or repay the payments of the amount finance thereafter the no objection certificate shall be issued by the lawcrust to take the matter ahead.
You can contact our product manager for the same. Or write to us on [email protected]
The Rate of Interest towards financing is subjective as it depends on the degree of complexity of the case, anticipated tenure of the case & the professionals (advocates) perspective towards the case.
No. We only finance through our panelled advocates only.
Click on the form to apply to Litigation Financing. Call our executive for Assistance.
You can pay the processing fess by bank transfer, UPA transfer, Google Pay App, Paytm App.


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About Us

Empowering Litigants and creating Opportunities for Legal Professionals. We endeavour to create sustainable eco-system between amid growing demand and supply in the Industry. Our team consists of bunch of ingenious intellectuals from various areas of practice and business functions with common belief ‘There is no right or wrong, unless you do it!’. Our philosophy, is to dive in to the ocean to the depth to nucleus of the clients aspirations and expectations, understanding DNA and genre of businesses, and empowering them.

Our people have exceptional skill sets with predominant skill sets and capabilities with local Insights. Our team includes entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, economists, data analysts. Their mission is to Reduce burden over rising of Litigations on Justice System and helping Improve efficiency in deliverance of Justice by Introducing Innovative Products and Services