Investment Calculator is a Way to fetch your Phone number!


A investment Calculator is a trap. In the ecosystem of financial and banking products, along with subsequent tiers of the industry. Its trend, to fetch your data and your requirements through Gimmick called ‘Investment Calculator’. There are various jargons used to bring unwanted attention towards their website and in between the course of entering all your personal information like your salary, monthly income, your age, number of family members at your home, they have tab of mobile no. and email id. Exactly! that’s the place you are put at the spot to decide whether you want to give away your details and get unwanted marketing calls or to just exit the website.

Various names  – Return value calculator

 A Invention of calculator is device which derives exact and appropriate results. Whereas “Investment calculator” -is a device where every calculator bores different results subject to desire of the company who builds it. 

2 + 2 = 4 – Calculator or Estimator?

 In fact it’s not a calculator at all – its estimator, the algorithms are based on motive to get pure estimation which cannot give precise calculation under any circumstances. Since your investments are subject to market forces and various factors influences.

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