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Introducing DIY
Legal Solutions

Having a Legal Issues?
Now deal with your Legal Problem yourself
With the help of our DIY Solutions

Range of DIY Solutions

1. Know the Law

■ Get started know-how to approach your problem from Legal Perspectives ■ Know about your case & Initial Analysis of the Problem

2. Legal Research

■ Research over applicable Acts and Laws ■  Guidance on Past case studies laws & citations ■  Past Judgements & interpretations of Laws

3. Drafting Solutions

■ Helping draft from Notices to Petitions ■  Taking Contentions from Legal Perspectives ■  Applying Legal Jurisprudence in the case

4. Filing Solutions

■  Complete Guide, as to how to file case before court ■  Guidance regards to courts & tribunals ■  Applicable Court fee, charges & stamp duty

5. Legal Strategy

■ Building Defence or Case
■ Concrete Solutions to the case ■ Understanding Pros & Cons of the case ■ Setting up Goals

6. Before the Court

■  Representation of case before the court ■  Mentioning pleading and Prayers ■  Knowledge of court functioning ■  Do’s & Don’t

Empowering Litigants, helping them go Independent.

Don’t just give up !  Ask for legal support.

Empowering you
How It Works

As per Advocate’s Act. Section 32 of the Advocate’s Act clearly mentions, the court may allow any person to appear before it even if he is not an advocate. Therefore one get the statutory right to defend one’s own case through Advocate Act in India

Speak to our consultant and get assessment of your legal problem from our consultants and experts. Get to know about our services & how it works. Get accustomed with nitty-grits of legal system & factors that are going to effect your outcome of the case.

We offer 7 types of discrete solutions for our clients, which are sharply packaged to fit your needs, wherein you can save your legal cost towards case. You can either pick and choose the solutions package independently or either you opt for comprehensive solutions, that encompasses end-to-end aspects.

Once you choose your packaged solutions, our consultants, lawyers and legal experts shall come in to picture to support you & shall shadow your steps to bring in outcome to your legal problems. With the Information mining, you with the help of our support shall be able to determine your goals and get ready with the line of action.

Finally with the help of the our support, after thorough preparation, our experts shall give an clearance for ‘fit to go ahead’ and you shall be good to go for execution of line of action plan 

Have more questions, speak to our executive +91-8976911511 or write to us [email protected]


Helped Understand Acts & provisions of Laws


Years of Experience of Consultants & Lawyers


Served Individuals and Business in Cases


Clients who solved their Legal Problems thorough us

As you are unaware of courts etiquettes and way that its functions. We help you represent yourself with timelines of your case along with the facts & help you substantiate your legal problem before court of law. We ensure you are well-versed with the working knowledge, before you go to the court of law

Few Anecdotes

What do our experts say about DIY legal solutions

It’s a great way out, our for the clients who think, they can just do it themselves with some support. Ultimately it’s all about putting things together in an appropriate way which needs to be done in legal parlance. It is all a game of perseverance!

Santosh Maheshwari

Legal Consultant

The best part about DIY is that you get the freedom to express your complex matter in your own way, which you think was not possible thru 3rd party assistance . You can schedule the things the way that you want now.

Abhijeet Kokane

Business Owner

Any Court, Any Jurisdiction, Any Legal Problem. No Problem

speak to our executive ! Ask for legal support.

Questions that really matters to you

Most frequent Questions and Answers

Do you think, I can do it? & Why should I do it myself?

Knowledge is power & with the power you gain confidence. So taking up your own legal matter in own hands is privilege and option that lies with the litigants who wish to save their cost towards the litigation. Infact  more than the cost, its an opportunity for the litigants who thinks, they themselves would have acted & presented better, if they would have chance to represent their own case.

How challenging it would be to take up my own case?

Its all about perspective, if you have a will to fight your own case, we help you polish thru to the best, we can ! We have packaged solutions for you before you are on to you legal case. We carefully ensure you go thru checks and balances, and see to it, we give you go ahead only if you are fit to take up your own matter. Otherwise we guide you thru other remedies for your case.

How long would it take me to get accustomed with things?

This depends on how quickly you understand the legal jurisprudence and the way legal fraternity functions in India. According to us, any given case it ideal take 7-14 days to come to conclusion and you to start acting on the same. However the volumes of the legal documents and the complexity of the case is that matters in every way. So Ideally you grasping power, the volume & complexity of the case are the factors that determine, how long would it take you to get accustomed to things 

Instead of Hiring Advocate, DIY would It be risky ?

Only whoever passes it will know! The aggrieved person is the one who knows the most of it & feels the pain of the loss, and he tries to vents out his grievances through 3rd party i.e, Advocate before the court of law. The only difference between you and advocate in any matter is, advocate practices in the legal arena for years and knows more than you, out of his experience. However, the factor that drives the outcome to your cases shall be same, i.e, Law. Yet Experience doesn’t ensure the outcome of the case. So risk prevails on both ends & perhaps a bit more when you take up yourself. That’s where we help you get the experts to cover up at the areas where you lack.

I am concerned of end results & outcome, what if I fail ?

The only way to overcome your insecurities is to do thorough preparations, take proper assistance from experts and execute as planned. The chances of failing lies on both the cases. However, we cover you and provide you imminent support to get desired outcome

Is there anyone who would assist me, if I get struck?

Our DIY packaged solutions are designed for support to help you through your legal solutions. Our DIY solutions comes with options of Virtual as well as one-to-one consultation. Our experts help you all the time, do everything you need to protect your interests 

# For more questions speak to us our executive or write to us at [email protected]

Legal Language
Easier for All

You may not need to be afraid of legal tone anymore. Our experts shall help you decode and understand complex legal jargons, terminologies, acts & sections in much simpler way. It may take much effort that you might have thought of !

Give it a try today!

Fees and Consultation

1. Know the Law

Starts @ Rs. 5000/- only*

Initial Consultation

Understanding the compactibility of the product and solutions that we provide for the client.

Understanding the Case - Prima facia

Understanding the legal problems from the legal perspective scouting the best possible alternative solutions Prima facia.


Application of legal jurisprudence through experts to channelise and provide reinforcement to the case with the logical conclusions.

2. Legal Research

Starts @ Rs. 10,000/- only*

Acts, Sections & Provisions of Law

We provide support in finding the acts & sections as per provisions of law that attracts your legal problem and case.

Case Studies & Citations

Our team shall help you finding the ultimate past case studies and similar citations related to your matter that happened in past.

Compilation & Research Reports

We help you for compilation of case research and put it into perspective that makes sense in the court of law.

3. Drafting Solutions

Starts @ Rs. 10,000/- only*

Gathering Essential Facts

We help you gather the correct and vital factuals required for drafting notices to petitions for your case.

Setting the right tone for your demands

We help you sail through in the right direction with the provision of the law for your case while drafting legal documents.

Vetting by Experts

We provide you support of our legal experts to back you and ensure that everything is perfect as per the law.

4. Filing Solutions

Starts @ Rs. 7,500/- only*

Courts or Tribunals, Right Forum?

We help you understand the right forum to vent your legal remedies before the right forum or courts as per the settled laws.

Court Fees, Stamp Duty & Charges

Get to know the real expenses towards filing the case before the court. We provide knowledge support towards the same.

Formats & Protocols

Every forum and court requires to be addressed in its own way and expects filing in their prescribed formates. We provide supports for the same.

5. Legal Strategy

Starts @ Rs. 12,500/- only*

Finding the way-out

Sometimes, you may not need sword to fit a tiny battles and sometimes needles are not sufficient. Our experts shall help you choose in between the both

Break through Ideas

Ideas doesn't have boundaries, they are not even proprietary. It comes with experience, so our experts are here to validate your ideas & share you their ideas

Out of the Box Solutions

We support you to scout the legal remedies not just within the periphery of law also from outside factors that makes sense and are reasonable

6. Before the court

Starts @ Rs. 15,000/- only*

Hitting the Reality

Our Consultants will make you aware and come close to ground reality of the court ways functions

Court Etiquettes

Setting the right impression and presentation before the courts and judge is important. Our team shall help you go smooth

Mock Trails

Confidence is everything, when you are fighting for your rights, Mock-trials before you go the court will help you build confidence

*Terms and Conditions applied

Comprehensive Consultation

Starts @ Rs. 25,000/- only* all Inclusive

We understand, it not just enough sometimes when you add up everything! So we have added all our range of solutions for you to make it much simple.


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About Us

Empowering Litigants and creating Opportunities for Legal Professionals. We endeavour to create sustainable eco-system between amid growing demand and supply in the Industry. Our team consists of bunch of ingenious intellectuals from various areas of practice and business functions with common belief ‘There is no right or wrong, unless you do it!’. Our philosophy, is to dive in to the ocean to the depth to nucleus of the clients aspirations and expectations, understanding DNA and genre of businesses, and empowering them.

Our people have exceptional skill sets with predominant skill sets and capabilities with local Insights. Our team includes entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, economists, data analysts. Their mission is to Reduce burden over rising of Litigations on Justice System and helping Improve efficiency in deliverance of Justice by Introducing Innovative Products and Services